Wu Tang – HOT 97 | Coolin Out Hip Hop Shop

Masta Killa, Mathmathics and the RZA stop by Hot 97 the other day. And touch on many topics from a new Wu Tang album ( Wu Tang The Saga Continues), Redman, ODB, Martin Shkreli and a lot more.

Around eleven min. in RZA talks about how MCs need to step it up.

“I would advise any MC who is coming on as an MC, or as they call it a rapper, to definitely strive to have powerful bars, great lyrics,” RZA said. “Because even a singer strives to become a better singer, a guitar player strives to become a better guitar player, you know what I mean? I think that it’s important for their longevity and for them to recognize at one point in life — whether it’s Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, Nat King Cole, as far as we can go back — sometimes the artist’s voice becomes the voice of the time, then the voice of the world. It’s important they recognize they are making a soundtrack of our generation.” – RZA

Watch the interview below.